What is OpenView HD?

OpenView HD is South Africa’s first free satellite TV service, with over 20 television channels and radio stations, including some in HD. OpenView HD brings you a wonderful world of multichannel TV – in digital quality. You only pay once for your dish, decoder and installation. Once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free! There are no monthly fees and no contracts. With non-stop entertainment, OpenView HD is the first platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free.

How do I get OpenView HD?

  1. 1. PAY ONCE: Buy your OpenView HD satellite decoder from a leading retailer. • If you already have a working satellite dish you just need to buy the decoder. • If you don’t have a satellite dish you will need to purchase your decoder with an installation voucher. 2. INSTALL & ACTIVATE: Plug In and Activate: If you already have an existing satellite dish no dish installation is required. Connect your decoder to your dish and follow the activation instructions in the box. OR Call and Install: If you have purchased your decoder with an installation voucher, book an accredited installer to install your satellite dish and activate your decoder. All details are included in the box. 3. ENJOY FOREVER Sit back and enjoy crystal clear satellite TV, with no monthly fees.

How much will OpenView HD equipment cost?

OpenView HD decoder prices start at R399 atleading retail stores nationwide, which is ideal if you already have a satellite dish. If you require a dish and decoder, with installation, you can purchase your complete OpenView HD package from R1199.

Why Should I buy OpenView HD?

OpenView HD is South Africa's free satellite TV service with over 20 channels, including some in HD. You get to keep all the channels you already love, with coverage anywhere in South Africa. There are no contracts, and no monthly fees. You pay just once and enjoy it for free, forever.

OpenView HD’s channels feature music, movies, religious programming, learning, kids’ entertainment, lifestyle & culture and more - catering for the whole family.

In addition to more channels, you’ll also enjoy an electronic programme guide (EPG), crystal clear digital picture quality and improved stereo sound. And you get this all for free, forever.

What is OpenView HD’s coverage?

The OpenView HD TV service (received via satellite) covers 100% of South Africa.

Who can get OpenView HD signal/coverage?

OpenView HD is available to all South African residents. The OpenView HD TV service (received via satellite) covers 100% of South Africa.

What channels are available on OpenView HD?

On OpenView HD, you get over 20 TV channels, with crystal clear digital picture quality and sound, and radio channels. More channels will be added in the future, at no extra cost.

Click here to view the channels.

Where can I buy OpenView HD?

The list of retailers who stock OpenView HD equipment is growing. OpenView HD has been rolled out across the country and is available at Game Stores countrywide. You can currently purchase OpenView HD at any Game Store

  • Game

Do I need to subscribe to OpenView HD?

You don't need to subscribe to OpenView HD, because OpenView HD is free. All you need is an OpenView HD digital decoder and satellite dish. There are no monthly fees and no contracts.

How do I subscribe to OpenView HD?

You don't need to subscribe. OpenView HD is free. All you need is an OpenView HD digital decoder and satellite dish - there are no monthly fees and no contracts.

Will there be ongoing charges?

No - this is the main difference between OpenView HD and pay television - there are no signup fees, no monthly fees and no contracts.

You buy the hardware, you get it installed and the service is free.

All you need is an OpenView HD digital decoder and a Satellite dish. Then, it's free forever!

Will I have to buy a new TV set?

No, you won't have to replace your current TV. If you have a standard definition TV, the OpenView HD digital decoder will convert the digital signal so you can see and hear all of OpenView HD's channels (both standard definition and HD) through your existing TV. If you have an HD TV set, you will be able to watch the HD channels in full HD.

What if I already have a satellite dish?

If you already have a working satellite dish, you don't need to get a new dish. You will only need to buy an OpenView HD Digital Decoder which you can plug in and play. If you are struggling with this you can call the distributors' call centres.

If you have any other satellite dish that you no longer use – a registered OpenView HD installer can be allocated to reposition your dish. Please call the distributors call centres.

OpenView HD Distributors:

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843 
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

What if I live in an apartment, complex or block of flats?

Multi-unit dwellings that are already receiving Top TV or DSTV will be able to receive OpenView HD channels. OpenView HD distributors and installers will be able to assist further with advice and installations for first time installations.

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

What if I move house?

You can take your OpenView HD Digital Decoder with you. You may also choose to take the satellite dish with you or have a new one installed. You would require assistance from an OpenView HD installer.

How do I find an OpenView HD Installer?

You can find an OpenView HD installer by contacting the call centre number of the OpenView HD distributors.

OpenView HD Distributors:

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

Can I get OpenView HD outside of South Africa?

Platco Digital has not received licenses to operate in other countries yet, therefore the OpenView HD decoder cannot be sold in countries outside of South Africa yet but this will be changed soon.

How can I become an installer?

Please contact one of the following distributors to become an OpenView HD installer/distributor.

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

Where can I find a TV guide?

Press the "EPG" button on your remote to see the 8-day TV guide. A TV guide will also be available on the OpenView website in the future.

How do I activate my box?

Contact our call centre number (number included on the box) for an installer to be allocated to you, should you require a dish to be installed or repositioned or dial:

  • SES Activation : *120*6843#
  • IS20 Activation: *120*6843*1#

Then follow the prompts if you able to plug and play.

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843

How can I have my channel on your bouquet?

Please put your Channel proposal in a MS Word/ PDF format and send it to . It will be forwarded to the Channels Acquisition department and they will get in contact with you.

How can I have my program on your channel?

As Platco Digital, we only provide a platform for channels and do not control their channel content. Kindly look at the list of channels we have on the OpenView HD bouquet on our website, see which channel would be the best fit for your idea, and then approach the specific channel directly with your proposal.

Is the TV License fee included in the OpenView HD package?

No, the TV license fee is not included in the OpenView HD package. This should be paid separately, annually, as the South African law dictates.

Where do I take my decoder for repairs?

If your decoder is faulty, simply return it to the retail store where you purchased it or contact our call centre for support.

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

What is your call centre support number?

Depending on which decoder you have, you can contact any of these numbers for support:

  • Call centre - 0861 696 843
  • SpaceTV – 0861 404 142
  • Switch – 0860 794 824

Are there any reality TV show channels, like those on DSTV?

At the current moment, we do not have any dedicated reality TV channels. However many of our channels broadcast local and international reality shows.

Can I use my current Free-to-Air decoder to receive OpenView HD channels?

All our channels are encrypted to only be received by OpenView HD decoders.

Do you have any news channels?

OpenView HD channels currently broadcast SABC & eNews. More news channels will be added in the future.

Will you be launching PVR?

There will be an option of PVR decoder in the future.

Do I need a decoder for every TV set in my house?

Every TV set would need its own decoder in order to view different channels simultaneously.

What guarantee does a customer have that they will not have to pay subscription fees in the future?

Apart from the word of, a trusted brand, the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (CPA) safeguards viewers.

How often should we expect changes and/or upgrades on the OpenView HD system?

Technical updates and upgrades are being seamlessly pushed to your decoder continuously.

Will I be able to select a package with OpenView HD, regarding channel selection?

There is no need to, as all channels are free forever.

Who do we contact regarding a set top box upgrade or consultation?

There is no need to upgrade as it is already done over the air. Any consultation regarding your box is done over the phone by your distributor.

Is there a parental control function?

Parents can lock programs which are not suitable for their children to watch depending on the parental guidance rating of the programme by choosing an appropriate “Lock Level” by following the steps below:

  1. Press the “menu” button
  2. Go to “settings”
  3. Follow steps to activate the parental control function.

How do I reset my parental control pin?

If you have forgotten your parental control pin, please use your mobile phone to dial

  • SES Activation : *120*6843#
  • IS20 Activation: *120*6843*1#

Select option 3. Then follow the service instructions.

Where can I find information on how to use my remote control?

Channel 100 on the OpenView HD decoder bouquet has a step-by-step user-friendly guide on how to make the most of your remote control. Channel 100 is also active even before you activate your decoder and is there to help you with most of your frequently asked questions.

How many channels?

Currently, there are over 20 channels, including the SABC channels and in HD.


Which channels are in HD?

We currently have a number of channels that air HD content, including eToonz+, eKasi+, eHD, eMovies+ and

Will OpenView HD continue to have SABC channels once they have migrated to digital?

Yes, we will continue to have the SABC channels whether they are in analogue or digital.

Is OpenView HD affiliated to Top TV or DStv?

OpenView HD is in no way affiliated to Top TV, StarSat or DStv.

Why don’t you have reality TV channels like the Kardashians?

OpenView HD supports local content in order to grow our local film & TV industry.

Why is the fully installed package expensive?

The OpenView HD Set top Box is manufactured independently of  Platco Digital and therefore the cost is controlled by market factors at the time of pricing.



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