“DOKTER MY” New series on ASTV (Afrikaanse Satelliet Televisie)

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

The presenter is Jacques Botes and according to Botes the program aims to
inform the viewers on health matters, educate and entertain, but always to be ethically and academically correct. Botes further elaborates that the program wants to motivate persons to take responsibility for their own health and be self-determined in constructing sustainable well-being for themselves. “We approach the person in his/her
wholeness; therefore topics in the series would range from diabetes, taking care of your heart, ADHD, Alzheimer and dementia, chemical substance dependence, treatment of the psychotic patient, health in relationships, cancer and healthy pregnancy” Botes says. He further states that DokterMy does not only focus on physical health, but also the psychological person as well as the spiritual person in efforts to address the wholeness of the being.

 Specially selected episodes will also focus on topics that will address the process of mourning the loss of a loved significant other. South African communities are also experiencing traumarelated to crime, a special program will focus on trauma as opportunity for growth after a life changing event, furtherthe program also investigates  pastoral care of hospital patients. Relationship health is addressed by various relationship experts and sexologist.

Beauty and diets are explored as well as traditional healing methods (over wives tales) in the “Boererate” -episode. Episodes will be presented in three segments. The first  segment will present context and a dramatization of the program’s specific theme, the second segment will render an in-depth specialist discussion on the health issue and the last segment will include a health tip for the week.

Weekly health tips will also include emergency advice to inform viewers how to react in an emergency situation.

An entire episode was filmed in a specialist air ambulance and the program will also focus on tropical diseases and a heart-warming interview with a patient that was left to die after a serious motorcycle accident. She joined the DokterMy production team in the air ambulance to tell her story and emphasise the significance of correct emergency medical treatment.

Health is a serious matter and for this reason more than 30 specialists and experts were consulted in the research process of the new DokterMy season. Specialists such as Dr Hilde du Plessis (GP) were consulted on general health matters, pharmacist and World Cup Rugby veteran HannesStrydom looks at pharmacology and self-medication and Prof Charles Parry from the Medical Research council were consulted on the growing chemical substance dependence problem. DokterMy is further proud to announce the participation of Dr Gerhard Grobler in various episodes; Dr Grobler is the Head of the Clinical Unit Psychiatry at Steve Biko Academic Hospital and also the President of the South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP).

Each professional person that was approached is a specialist and expert in his/her field of physical and mental health. Dieticians, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, medical sisters, ministers of religion, traumatology specialists and sexologist were included in the multi-disciplinary approach of the production of the new Dokter My. For any further enquiry please feel free to contact:
Jacques Botes: 083 892 4200/ psychosocialservices@gmail.com
Hilda Ferreira (ASTV): 082 383 6364/ hilda@astv.co.za


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